We’re creating opportunities for Vulnerable persons in our society to grow through education and practical activities. Learn more about what Bloemshelter busy with now

Current Projects

Wood Work Project Care Project

Holistic Development Learning Festival

Lanyard Project Take-Away Project

How to get involved


Contact us to attend a volunteers info session. Together we’re changing lives.

Get Inspired

Read about what’s happening in people’s lives in our Testimonials section.

Support our Projects

We hold various fund raising projects. Where our people or staff make products that are available for sale or order. By buying from us you help us raise funds and help develop skills and work ethic amongst those we shelter. You can learn more about this by following links to our projects above.


Your donation assists us to create room for people who need shelter to grow. Our Men’s and Woman shelters are often full to capacity. And we’re currently in need of creating a children’s shelter.

We now accept online donations.

Want to make a non-financial donation?

 Looking for Shelter for someone or yourself in Bloemfontein?

Bloem Shelter is a registered NPO and provides shelter and holistic development to homeless women, women with children, the elderly, men and frail persons.

You can contact us for more information.