About Us

All about us:

Bloem Shelter is a Christian organization that is a registered NPO, providing shelter for the homeless, catering for women, women with children, the elderly, men and frail persons.

Our young children attend playgroups for their development; the school children attend schools in our area and these children are guided to further their qualifications after matric. We also create an opportunity for older people to finish their matric via the ABET system. Bible Study and dissiple courses are presented to the residence. Training opportunities like computer training is available for every individual. They are also stimulated by doing creative handcrafts. A Llife Skills course is also presented in which the totality of the person is developed. Through this course the person is emotionally and spiritually cured in order to grow and reach his/her full potential.

How can you become part of “caring of the needy”?

Bloem Shelter is a holistic organization. Think of your own house hold, people need to eat, sleep, learn, they get sick, they need to find a job, they have all the needs that any other person has. Above all they need love and caring, somebody to take their hand and help them regain their self worth. To run the shelters we need volunteers to assist the management, to care for and to help every person find the plan that God has for his/her life, and to pursue their dreams. We need people from every occupation, but most of all, we need YOU.