Sponsor Letter

Mr. Izak Botes Bloemshelter 4 Raymond Mhlaba Street BLOEMFONTEIN 9301
Good day
LEARNING FESTIVAL 2018: #FromZero2Hero
Background on the Learning Festival
Bloem Shelter is a Christian organization that is a registered NPO, providing shelter for the homeless, catering for women, women with children, the elderly, men and frail persons.
Bloem Shelter in conjunction with the University of the Free State will be hosting a Learning Festival from 3 – 7 September 2018 at the Red Square, University of the Free State. The Festival aims to empower any individual whether unemployed or employed. Individuals will also gain the necessary skills to start a small business and earn a primary or an additional income.
First implemented in 2013, the annual event has become a long-standing component in the experiential learning field for more than 1000 participants. Last year, public, private and community based organizations hosted more than 50 workshops. The goal is to provide a platform to trade knowledge and skills in an open and accommodating environment.
The theme for this year is #FromZero2Hero The goal of the festival is for participants to be able to create a potential income stream for sustainable livelihood after participating in the workshops. The workshops will highlight exciting career options.
We do hereby request you to consider to contribute towards the Learning Festival. We have secured most of the funding, but are still in need of goods/fund.
Should you decide to become part of this event by contributing funding or goods, we will ensure that you enjoy maximum exposure prior, during and after the event. We will issue you a Social Responsibility Certificate and we will give recognition of your contribution regardless of the contribution you choose to give on our website. You are welcome to exhibit during the festival and/or market your product/services.
The following are items we request you to consider to sponsor:
Food, Tent, Beverages, Gifts, Tshirts …….
I will gladly enter into a discussion with you in this regard. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions.
Kind regards,

Izak Botes