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Information regarding the Motivational Speakers and Skills Development Workshops

Please note that our sessions are inclusive and that we aim to provide opportunity for all persons, you may encounter persons from various different backgrounds and we share in bringing together a collaborative platform to establish networks and engage in creating practical solutions to the challenges we face in society today.


Anita VenterRegenerative Housing 15 min
Deidre van Rooyen and Willem EllisCommon Good First Project30 min
Heidi Morgan Edu-Village30 min
Karen VenterGlobal University of Life Long Learning GULL30 min
Nursing Education StudentsCommunity Service Learning 15 min
Occupational Therapy Students Occupational Engagement of Adults in Households of Secondary HomelessnessSusan Venter15 min
Panel Discussion Bloemshelter (Izak), ROC (Patrick) Lebone (Lulu)Izak Botes, Patrick Kaars & Lulu Polisa60 min
QPTStart Living Green, The Story towards Regenerative LivelihoodsAnita Venter and Team15 min
Remiembrance PhillipsWelcome and overview15 min


Art, drawing and painting The art of doing art, drawing and painting in workshops. Water colours and charcoal. Helene and Martli120 min
Beading Lebone Beading towards crating an income Lebine Village 120 min
Beading Techniques Learn 2 beading techniques from which endless products can be created towards generating an income. Lynette nd co120 min
Button Badge your businessUse of a button making machine to brand your businessStill to be announced60 min
Carpentry HeadboardsLearn how to make headboard towards entrepreneurial approach. Made from wood and material with simple tools a great end project towards a business approachBillyboy 120 min
Chic ShackTrading in second hand goods. Business and Marketing. A group project in which participants will learn to manage second hand items in a shop – includes, pricing, displaying, costing and bargaining skillsMarichel60 min
Child Care Learn about the challenges and opportunities in child careSunflower House 60 min
Closing closing of the activities and festivalBishop Ramahlele 15 min
Coffin Making A workshop on how to make a coffinLolly and co120 min
Creative placematsProduction of a good sellable end product : Placemats. Using skills of painting with a roller and applying stencil onto the placemat. by: Martie du Plessis school.Cornelia Deacon60 min
Cushion Making We will be presenting the production line process of making a cushion. This will include working with scissors, cutting sponge, cutting calico material, stitching with a machine, stuffing cushions and doing needlework by hand. The process will be followed until a tangible end product is presentable. Stephen and Gladys120 min
Electronical devices trainingThose attending will learn how to create a basic circuit consisting of a battery, a led (small light) and a switch. There will also be a display of more advanced models that are built in the microbotics training program. Gert 60 min
Film School Part 1 Practical the art of videoapplication of the morning session: Camera Work, Sound in Video, Lighting in VideoChris 120 min
Film School Part 1 The Art of VideoCamera Work, Sound in Video, Lighting in VideoChris120 min
Film School Part 2 Practical The art of video Application of the morning session: Script writing and editingChris 120 min
Film School Part 2 The art of videoScript writing and editingChris 120 min
Funki PlankiUpcycling and recycling towards creating an income, from paper, tins, and wood. Surprise yourself on hoe easy it is to make retail goods from waste. Fransie and Thebo120 min
Hair Care for African WomanLearn how to braid and do weaves and general hair care. Tips on opening your own hair salon.Dipuo & Bronwyn120 min
Interactive Workshop on Character development and Value ClarificationWho am I? Creating a personal mission statement AND dream board Karen120 min
Lanyard MakingDesign and make your own lanyards. Learn beading and making your own custom jewellery.Chantal60 min
Lavender ProductsLearn about lavender - how to grow it and crate products from it that are beneficial for your health. Mary 60 min
Lunch Use your Lunch ticket to collect your lunch All45 min
Making of Jewellery Learn how to make necklaces Lesedi Multi Purpose Centre60 min
Market yourselfThis session will provide you with a variety of ways in which you will be able to market yourself whether for a formal (e.g. job interview) or personal situation.Daleen and Co120 min
Media Centre and Portfolio Creation Creating a visual portfolio making use of computers and printing to generate evidence of learning Attendee independently 60 min
Microsoft Excel IntroductionLearn the fundamentals in Excel. Basic formulae's, filling. Some tips and tricks.Emile De Wilde60 min
Microsoft Word IntroductionLearning the fundamentals to Word, setting up, headers, inserting.Emile De Wilde60 min
Mindful Journaling Learn how to reflect and develop a relationship with yourselfMelissa and Co120 min
Modge PodgeLearn the technique of modge podging with serviettes to create beautiful products including upcycling. Erna school 120 min
Mosaic Learn 2 different mosaic techniques towards understanding the tools and the steps and process of mosaic work. Mary-Ann120 min
Motheo College Information area for prospective students Team Motheo30 min
Music Drums, piano, bass guitar and vocals At the end putting it all together , writing our own song to play as a band Dickens 60 min
Needlecraft and Looms Discover how to use a loom and create beautiful wool end products under the guidance of a mother and daughter entrepreneurial teamMartha & Manana120 min
Needlecraft Crocheting Part 1Learn to crochet basic stitch or stitches depending on how you can copeJoy120 min
Needlecraft Crocheting Part 2Learn to read basic crochet stitches and patterns Joy120 min
Needlecraft Knitting Part 1Learn to knit basic stitch or stitches depending on how you can cope Joy120 min
Needlecraft Knitting Part 2Learn to read basic knitting stitches and patternsJoy 120 min
Needlecraft with LoomsThe how to with looms. Discover how to use a loom and create beautiful wool end products Boikhuco Ladies and Manana and Martha Fanie (Brandfort)90 min
Needlework with machines Machine Sewing – learning the basics towards making end products Doretha and Lengaue Team120 min
Needs analysis coffee corner A box and a corner created for people to complete forms – have coffee and offer suggestions, discuss challenges Attendee supported by volunteer30 min
Opening Welcome and Orientation Bishop Ramahlele and Heidi 15 min
Organic Farming These trainings are to offer the attendees with knowledge and skills on farming particularly organic farming and the importance of using the recycled materials to make products.Thabang and Thabo120 min
Palleted Hearts Making of hearts from palettes towards entrepreneurial approach Tharina 120 min
PancakesLearn to make different types of pancakes and fillings.Poppie60 min
Paper ArtSomething to do with paper. The description has not been received yet.Fransie - Kopano120 min
Photo Gallery Creation Combine with the 30 – visitors and attendees - walkers by to offer comments Photo gallery/Selfies gallery – have photo taken and add it to wall of fame at the festival with a title attnedess supported by volunteer 30 min
Photographic Techniques for everyoneComposing Professional photographs with limited equipment. Charl Pohl 120 min
Pre-Employment SkillsPart taking in the “Pre-Employment-Workshop”, will allow you to: 1) apply some basic Personal Development techniques. 2) know when to use a Resume and in which cases to supply a complete C.V. 3) understand the value of building and maintaining a good Reputation. 4) realize the Benefits of finding ways to occupy yourself during times of unemployed. You will also learn a simple, yet useful, practical skill + receive a means to let others know you are seeking employment. Imogene120 min
Reflection and ClosingSession facilitated by Karen Venter and Billyboy Ramahlele reflecting on the past 3 days and the way forward. Karen Venter 30 min
Regenerative Livelihood SkillsA variety of skills will be shared in relation to enabling people to make use of green principles to develop sustainable livelihoods. Includes recycling and natural building elements.Anita & QPT Team120 min
RegistrationDaily Registration by all attendees. Sign attendance register. Receive your festival pack. Have ID photocopied and register for workshops if not already completed. Learnign Festival Team45 min
Running a small businessHow to run a pancake shop. Preparing for baking and selling pancakes. Exploring different flavours, pancake bases and fillings. Learning how to calculate running costs. Basic market research. Positioning your business to be effective.Poppie60 min
Running a small business Running a small business: making pancakes in urban area of Bloemfontein. Learn how to make pancakes, flop roof recipes, costs and opportunities.Bloemshelter Team 120 min
Shoe makingLearn how to embroider and crochet shoes Learn how to make the sole of the shoes Learn about costs of products and materials Martha & Motsamai120 min
Soap Making Make your own beautiful soaps to create a small business. Erna school 120 min
SpekboompieDiscover the Spekboompie with all it's amazing attributes, learn how to reproduce them and build your own environmentally friendly container to take Spekkie home with you.Jean-Ray60 min
T-Shirt Printing Learn how to print a design onto a T-shirt. You get to keep your own small sample t-shirt, but you can bring money to buy a normal size t-shirtRochelle60 min
This workshop has changedThis workshop has changed and the system will be updated.Learning Festival120 min
This workshop has changedThis workshop has changedNo-one60 min
Training in Electronic DevicesThose attending will learn how to create a basic circuit consisting of a battery, a led (small light) and a switch. There will also be a display of more advanced models that are built in the microbotics training program. Gert 60 min
UFS Vendor RegistrationEnterprise Roadmap to Supplier StatusBEE Team 60 min
Work and Disability A presentation and discussion. The rights of those with disabilities and work, exploring the policies and opportunities Workshopping shared solutions Heidi 60 min
Young Entrepreneurs YE will be presenting 2 different sessions in which they will share information with attendees regarding reelated topics in addition to running 2 x 7 hour recycle challenge workshops for adolescents Youth Entrepreneurs Team 420 min